About me. Photography and Graphic Design in Switzerland

About me

My name is Maria Malerba. And most likely, I am a happy person, because I do only what I love and what I am sincerely interested in.

I divided my heart into 2 professions and 3 countries. 

2 professions 

For over 10 years I have been doing graphic design in the advertising industry. From logotype and business style to social media design: everything to make your brand recognizable and successful.

Since 2019, I have been coaching professional design for people who want to improve or to have design skills for business.

In 2017 photography came in my life. The passion for advertising shows up when I create portraits and content for the business. Outdoor photosessions is my speaciality as well: individual, families and childrens. You will see freedom, nature and romantic vibes in every shot.  

3 countries  

I was born in Russia (Nizhny Novgorod), my husband is from Italy (Liguria). And our common home is a small town near Zurich in Switzerland. You will find my travel photos in the Travel Book section.  

I’m always open to making new friends and business contacts!

About me. Photography and Graphic Design in Switzerland

Feel free to write me if you want to discuss the details of photoshoot or leave a request for design.

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